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Purple Heart Memorial

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The Purple Heart Memorial is a wonderful envision of a Purple Heart recipient, of the Viet Nam era, Army Sgt. Gerard Abbett and along with the collaborated efforts of William Ballans of J & B Designs & Presentations, both of whom are members of the Veteran Memorial Park and Museum Committee (VMPMC).

The main features are the four large concrete wings with large granite memorial plaques. Centered within these wings is a tall black granite obelisk with large colored bronze reliefs of the Purple Hearts Medal. There are also, two large concentric circular areas that make up the main plaza area, which surrounds the centered memorial. The outer circular area of the plaza area pays tribute to all those that given the ultimate sacrifice for their country with in-laid and inscribed red granite plaques. The center circular plaza area consists of red pavers to denote the blood that was shed. Around the outer perimeter of the plaza area are specialty inscribed benches which pay a special tribute to those that have fallen in battle by name and to those from Hillsborough County.

The memorial tells of the history of the medal from its birth by General Washington in Revolutionary times, to its re-birth by General MacArthur in 1932. The other large granite plaques show the staggering numbers of those, by service and that of individuals, whom have been awarded this very high honor. The final touch, in the future, will be eight fluted columns around the outer perimeter of the plaza area to stand guard as silent sentries to those who have given their all for our freedoms.