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The mission of the Veterans Memorial Park Museum Committee Inc. (VMPMC), is to facilitate the enhancement, expansion and support of the Veterans Memorial Park and Rear Admiral LeRoy Collins Jr Museum. The VMPMC is the principal leader of and catalyst for; plans, programs, promotions, displays, Memorials and services that:

  • A. Promote a favorable and accurate image and respect of the American Armed Forces with a focus on the Florida veteran.

  • B. Assist with the quality of exhibits and programs at the museum and park, as well as events that the Museum Committee may sponsor, support or take part in outside the park and museum grounds.

  • C. Participate in the orderly growth and future vision of the “Master Plan”.

  • D. Work with county to provide a continuous and accurate inventory of all assets Such as display materials, arms, ammunition, valuables and displays on loan, Mementos and static displays.

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