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What Happens When You Challenge A Vet?

The Chairman of Board of County Commissioners, Jim Norman, during a regular Board meeting in April, 2006, presented a challenge. It was requested that Tom Fletcher, Manager of Hillsborough County Veterans Affairs and Dave Braun, President of the Veterans Council oversee and effort to establish a fitting location in Hillsborough County, to memorialize the casualties of war from Hillsborough County. We were also tasked with the project of envisioning a Master Plan of Veterans Memorial Park and Museum.

Together, Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Braun assembled a taskforce of interested parties along with Mark Thornton, Director of H.C. Parks, Recreation and Conservation to accomplish this exciting and far reaching endeavor.

We now have a Master Plan and the cost analysis that is presented in seven phases if it becomes necessary to go forward in phases. Please consider our committee's Master Plan to achieve this mission.

It is most important that the honor and respect of our community for our war dead, our active military and our Veterans be on display in the most prominent way possible. We feel strongly that this Master Plan is the answer to the challenge we were given by the BOCC.